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Passion to watch others succeed

Plum Investment Group, LLC is founded by Justin Sliva and Shane Klein. This team has worked together as a team on various projects since 2012.  


The idea for Plum comes from seeing a need in the Real Estate Investing world to help new investors work to create their own success.  Watching new investors make large investments in education only to not become successful grew old. As a team, Justin and Shane have successfully partnered in a multitude of real estate ventures.  From an active land portfolio to single family investing to multi-family projects, they compliment each other in seeing that sometimes you go for the goal and others you set up the play.  When Justin started his land investing career, Shane naturally jumped on board in partnering on some deals.  Seeing the growth potential, the question was asked, "Can we help others with this?"  So with capital and knowledge in hand, Plum Investment Group was started. They aren't Guru's, they don't sell a course, but they do help other's succeed in this business by helping where they are needed. When you acquire the knowledge and have the capital backing, the sky is the limit with creating wealth in real estate. 

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