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The Perfect Deal

When land investing our partners often want to know, "What are you looking for?" We are looking for deals we can ensure their profitability (Ours too). Some deals are great, some deals are good, and some just aren't deals. We like seeing our partners into deals for about 30-35% of listed comps. This gives you plenty of room to negotiate and for PROFIT! Ideally we should see 30-35k properties bought all in for around 11-12k. Giving our partners plenty of room to work. These deals happen every day. This week, our team had 3 just like this sell. Bought for 11,000 Sold for 32,000, Bought for 7500 Sold for 20,000, Bought for 11500 Sold for 28,000. That's 50,000 in profit using our model for pricing offers. These deals aren't one offs, we had another 6 put in the hopper to be closed on following the same margins. Go out and make offers. Happy hunting!

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